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Agrimony Expand


Inner joy, Self-acceptance

Embrace your inner selves and let your nner beingexpress itself openly. For those who hide their true feelings. In spite of their calm and youthful look, these are actually restless and troubled people. They hide their anxiety and inner suffering under a layer of indifference.

More details

The plant

Agrimony is a fairly common herb native to the northern hemisphere, which reaches a height of 30-50cm and has tiny yellow flowers.

Agrimony remedy is good for people experiencing fear and anxiety. Especially for those who are hidding their condition from others by always trying to look happy and smiling. To do so, they can be using alcohol or drugs on regular basis. This repression of feeling can cause them insomnia / sleep problem, and can result, in extreme cases, in heart attacks, strokes or in a breakdown.

Agrimony makes them face up to things as they are and also makes them feel that it is not necessary to be happy all the time. Agrimony gives them peace of mind, and makes them stop pretending to be happy. Agrimony makes them whole and a lot more human, as they see that no one is perfect and that weaknesses are acceptable.

Use of Agrimony can also help:

  • people who need to reduce their alcohol/drug consumption,
  • people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder,
  • people with nervous skin irritations.


There are no known safety concerns. Bach flower remedies have no side effects, and are non-addictive. The plants are non-poisonous, can be taken by people of all ages, by plants and even animals. The flower remedies can be taken in conjunction with other medical treatments be they conventional or alternative.

Yet, flower essences have the ability to release toxins held within the physical being resulting in rashes, blemishes, or nausea. If these symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult a medical practitioner.

Pregnancy use

There is a small amount of alcohol in the Bach Flower Remedies, however this should posses no problem as it is a very small dose. But if you have any worries consult your doctor.

Dosage guide

You can take the remedies in different ways, and the instructions we provide to you are designed to be easy to remember. You can take larger doses at one time without risk. But it does not have a stronger effect. In case of crisis, it would be more useful to take more frequent doses to get you through it, rather than larger doses.

how to take: direct method

You can take remedies without diluting them, by either applying to the tongue or applying directly to the skin, by rubbing onto the lips, behind the ears, or on the temples and wrists. Contrary to essential oil which must be diluted, the Bach remedies can be used directly.

To make it easy to remember, you take the same number of drops when taking a neat stock remedy as you do when you are mixing remedies in a treatment bottle or glass of water: two drops, direct on the tongue.

If you are taking the the pre-mixed Rescue Remedy the dosage is four drops, again direct on the tongue.

Repeat as long as necessary, four times a day.

the glass water method

For short-term moods and problems put two drops of each selected remedy in a glass of water. Drink a litle as often as required until relief is obtained.

You can use this method for longer-term problems as well. Just sip from the glass throughout the day (4 times a day). During the night, keep the glass in the fridge or make up a fresh glass each day.

bottles used to mix remedies

For more chronic problems, using a bottle to mix and store remedies is a better option. Simply:

  • Get an empty 30ml bottle with a dropper in the lid
  • Add to the bottle two drops of each selected remedy (and/or four drops of the rescue formula)
  • Top the bottle up with still mineral water
  • From this bottle take four drops, at least four times a day (directly, not diluted in a glass, otherwise you dilute twice the remedy)

According to Dr Bach you can combine up to 7 flower remedies in a mixing bottle.

Mixing bottles will last two or three weeks if you keep them cool - in the fridge, for example. If that isn't possible (for example when carrying the bottle around in your pocket, add a teaspoon of brandy to the treatment bottle before topping up with water. This will help keep the water from going off. If you do not want to use brandy, use cider vinegar or glycerine instead.

How to choose your Bach Flower Remedies

Because Dr Bach wanted his Bach Flower Remedies to be simple to use for everyone, you can select the correct Bach Flower Remedy without professional advice. Use our bach flower diagnostic tool to help you select the best remedies for you.

Shipping in Chile

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Most products are shipped on the next day. Some products that we do not sell frequently (such as essential oils in bottles of 10mL or 30mL) require an extra day. This is due to the fact that they are made to order by the manufacturer, so that you get the freshest product possible.

For more information, you can click here to view the FAQ, or contact us by mail or chat.

Pick-up in Santiago

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However, free delivery is possible near station Tobalaba. We are usually available for our clients on Tuesday and Thursday between 6:00pm and 7:30pm, and on Wednesday and Friday between 1:30pm and 3pm.

You must first confirm and pay your order online. We will then send you an email when your order is ready (usually the next day), so that you can come to pick your order.

Shipping in Latin America

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