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Clematis Expand



Develop interest for the present. Enhance the sense of responsibility in everyday activities. Unchain creativity. For people who live in the future, whose lack of focus prevents them from ever from keeping their feet on the ground.

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Clematis is a variety of plants that is known for its beautiful flowers, which can be of various color (white, red, vine, ...)

Clematis is the Bach flower essence for people who are detached from real life. They prefer to live in the world created within their own minds, and show little response to either good or bad news. They exhibit a complete disinterest in other people's enthusiasms or problems. They show little anxiety, aggression, or excitement, because reality holds little interest.

They are there with you or at least their bodies are there, but they hardly notice what you are saying or doing.

Using Clematis remedy, these people are able to connect the inner and outer worlds and once again become interested in the physical world. Clematis makes them aware of people and things around them. They see the beauty around them, not the mirage of a future inside their head. They make wonderful artists, writers, photographers and fashion designers.

Clematis allows them to concentrate, and also makes them feel in touch with themselves and be happy about it.

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