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Crab Apple


For those who are intoxicated or contaminated. Bring back the sense of proportion when your feelings focus too much on meaningless things.

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Crab apple is a small tree native to the Northern Hemisphere, which typically grows to 42m and has white (mostly), pink or red flowers.

People in need of Crab Apple remedy have feelings of dirtiness or lack of purity, which in extreme states can manifest as obsessions related to housework or bodily cleanliness. They are constantly fidgeting, looking around to see if everything is all right. They might suddenly get up and go clean something. They might just go throw away anything that is lying around that they feel is cluttering up the place. They just cannot relax unless everything around them is ordered to their way of thinking.

Their desire for cleanliness makes their behaviour seem bizarre to others. For instance, they may wash their hands every few minutes, or take 6 showers in a single day.

Crab Apple remedy teaches them that it is ok to have a little dust in a room. It helps them concentrate on the things that really matter rather than the petty details.

Crab Apple is also a good remedy:

  • to recover from a cold, or to counter-act the side effects of pharmaceuticals,
  • to overcome the effects of a hangover,
  • to treat skin disorders (combine it with Pine).

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