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This page lists the most frequent questions asked by our clients.

We hope that you will find the answers you are looking for. If not, feel free to send us an email at contacto@nutrioptima.com. For a faster answer, you can also discuss with us through the "chat" box which is on the bottom right of the website. We are usually online from 9:30am to 7pm. Talk to you soon :-)

What are the payment methods available?

You can:

  1. pay by WebPay Plus, which allows you to use any credit card or pay through RedCompra.
  2. use ServiPag, which allow you to do a transfer from any Chilean bank or pay using commercial credit cards issued by Cencosud (Paris / Jumbo / Easy), CMR Falabella, TurBus or Ripley.
  3. pay by doing a direct transfer from your account to our account. If you select this option, the details of our account will be given to you on the last page after you confirm your order. We will wait to receive your payment before shipping. Therefore, it can be a bit slower than the two others methods if you do not proceed to the transfer immediately.
  4. pay in cash. You need to select the option "Pay by bank wire or cash" to receive our account number. Then, you can do a deposit in any BCI branch.

Do you ship to all regions of Chile?


What is the shipping cost?

The cost is $2,990. It is the same for all regions of Chile.

For orders of $20,000 or more, the delivery in Chile is free.

Do you ship outside of Chile?

Currently No. We will start to ship outside of Chile from 2016. Feel free to send us an email with your postal address at contacto@nutrioptima.com to get more information and shipping costs.

What are the shipping carriers available?

We use CorreosChile to ship all orders. They came to pickup all orders on a daily basis in the afternoon (during business days of course).

How long does it take to receive my products?

If you live in Santiago, you should receive your products within 2-3 business days after the day you send your order. If you live in regions, you should receive them within 3-4 business days.

when we sent the order through Coreos Chile, you receive an email when your order has been shipped.

What will the package look like?

We send your products in standard CorreosChile red plastic bags, such as the one below. So that you can be sure that it has not been opened. We add an extra adhesive tape to close the bag. See the video below.

Bag CorreosChile

How do you make sure my products are delivered safely?

Your products are protected by a small card box like the one on the video below, which is then put inside the CorreosChile bag.

When you order flasks of essential oils or Bach flowers, we wrap them with bubble plastic wrap to ensure they do not break during transportation.

Box NutriOptima  Box NutriOptima and bag CorreosChile

I would like to come to see the product at the shop. What are the opening hours?

We do not have a physical shop where you can come to buy the products. That's why we provide detailed explanations and multiple photos of each product on the website. However, if you still have questions, feel free to ask them by email (contacto@nutrioptima.com). During the day, you can also use the chat on the bottom right of the website, or give us a call.

If you don’t trust CorreosChile, please note that you can come at our warehouse in Providencia (Lota con Hollanda) to get your order. If you are interested, you can read the page “Delivery” for more information.

I have not received my order? Can you help me?

We are sorry that there is a problem with your order. Please send us an email at contacto@nutrioptima.com with your order number so we can have a look and quickly get back to you with good news :-) The order number is available in the confirmation email you have received from us. If you do not have it, please mention the email you use to do the order, and the date so we can find it.